Stefano Maria Torelli

Stefano Maria Torelli, Ph.D., is a Research Fellow at the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) and a member of the Italian Centre for the Study of Political Islam (CISIP).

His research topics include Middle Eastern studies, Political Islam and International Relations. He has obtained his Ph.D. in the History of International Relations at the University of Rome “La Sapienza.” He is currently Teaching Assistant in History and Institutions of the Islamic Countries at the University of Milan and editor-in-chief of the Italian Review for Studies on Political Islam, published by the Italian Center for the Study of Political Islam (CISIP). Torelli has appeared on Italian and international information networks and research institutes as an expert of Islamic and Middle Eastern questions and is a columnist for the magazine of the Italian main newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, Sette. He has published articles and essays on international academic reviews, such as Middle East Policy and Insight Turkey and is co-editor of the book The Arab Spring: Causes and Effects of the Revolts that are Changing Middle East (Vita e Pensiero, Milano, 2012) He is also the author of several book chapters focusing on political Islam and Middle Eastern politics and history.

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    At the end of December, the Tunisian Interior Ministry reported that during 2014, 23 security force members (mostly soldiers and members of the National Guard) had been killed during the

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    Over the last month, Tunisia has seen an escalation of the violence and tensions between security forces and the Islamist movements that emerged after the fall of President Zine al-Abdin