Jamestown Now Offers Video Coverage of its Public Events

Video Streaming Located on the Events Page


Contact: Glen Howard, +1 202.483.8888

WASHINGTON, DC (01/03/07)–The Jamestown Foundation is pleased to announce that it has added video streaming coverage of all its public events and conferences, joining the ranks of only six major foreign policy and international security organizations in Washington, DC that offer streaming video of their public events. "Video streaming is an important addition to Jamestown’s multimedia offerings and an invaluable communications instrument that will enhance the policymaking community’s understanding of our work," stated Jamestown President Glen Howard. Howard added, "With Jamestown’s ever-expanding coverage, streaming video will only further serve its mission to reach policymakers more effectively and be especially useful to our supporters and donors who reside outside of Washington and are unable to attend our public lectures and conferences. The addition of video streaming will provide our supporters with the luxury of being able to listen in and review the important issues shaping conflict and instability in Eurasia."

To view the streaming video, please visit the Events Videos section located at the Jamestown website. This section currently contains video links to recent Jamestown events; future event videos will be posted. The following events are now available to view at Jamestown’s website:

Pakistan’s Volatile North-West Frontier: Pashtun Tribes, Taliban, and al-Qaeda Hassan Abbas and Michael Scheuer December 14, 2006

Putin, Petroleum, Power and Patronage: The Dog Barks but the Caravan Moves On Marshall Goldman and Lana Ekimoff December 7, 2006

Upheaval in Kyrgyzstan: The Second Tulip Revolution Erica Marat and John C.K. Daly November 28, 2006

Putin and the Succession Question: What Happens Between Now and 2008? Nikolai V. Zlobin and Peter Reddaway November 14, 2006

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