2014 Terrorism Conference DVD

On December 9, 2014, The Jamestown Foundation held its eighth annual terrorism conference on Al-Qaeda and Its Heirs, at the University Club in Washington, DC.

This full-length set of DVDs covers opening remarks, three conference panels and a keynote closing address featuring:

John McLaughlin, former Deputy Director of the CIA.

Along with the following speakers:

Adel El-Adawy (King’s College London), Dario Cristiani (Vesalius College, Global Governance Institute), Ahmed A.S. Hashim (RSIS), Nicholas Heras (CNAS), Bruce Hoffman (Georgetown University), Bruce Riedel, (Brookings), Michael W.S. Ryan (The Jamestown Foundation), Murad Batal al-Shishani (BBC, The Jamestown Foundation), Wladimir van Wilgenburg (Al-Monitor, The Jamestown Foundation), Jacob Zenn (The Jamestown Foundation).