Militant Movements in North Africa Conference DVD

The DVD of the April 25 conference “Militant Movements in North Africa After the Arab Spring” is now available.

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On Thursday, April 25, The Jamestown Foundation hosted a one-day conference entitled “Militant Movements in North Africa After the Arab Spring.” The conference included several panels of regional experts and keynote speakers, former Egyptian General Sameh Seif al-Yazel (ret.) and General Michael V. Hayden (ret.), who discussed instability and the threats posed by militant groups in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania and Tunisia. The event also featured Jamestown Senior Editor Andrew McGregor and Jamestown Senior Fellow Michael Ryan who focused on instability in Egypt. Additional featured speakers included Justin Siberell, Deputy Coordinator for North Africa Regional Affairs and Programs at the Department of State, and David Kilcullen, President at Caerus and Associated and former Counter-Terrorism Coordinator at the State Department.