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Zhejiang University Professor Li Dunqiu (李敦球) believes that  the advent of a New Cold War is a logical consequence of Washington’s “Pivot to Asia” and “Asian Re-balance” strategies.

Beijing Talks Tough About “New Cold War” in Asia

Beijing has declared a New Cold War against “hostile anti-China forces in the West,” a code word for the United States and its Asia-Pacific allies (Military.China.com, August 26; Chinaiiss.com, August 25). This contrasts directly with the auspicious language used by President Xi Jinping when he... MORE
Emblem of the Communist Youth League. The league previously served as a path for aspiring cadres--and a powerbase for Former president Hu Jintao.

The Eclipse of the Communist Youth League and the Rise of the Zhejiang Clique

Power struggle is not a dinner party. Internecine bickering and back-stabbing among rival factions and personalities are intensifying as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) prepares for its 19th Congress next year. Apart from constructing a Maoist-style personality cult around himself, Chinese President Xi Jinping is... MORE
Xi Jinping seems to be in full control of China’s military forces, the paramilitary police, the police and the spies—in addition to the labyrinthine Party-state apparatus. However, the Xi administration’s reaction to an anonymous letter calling for his resignation suggests that Xi is far from secure about his powers.

Pushback against Xi Jinping’s One-Upmanship Strengthens

“Every bush and tree is an enemy” is a Chinese proverb that describes how the timid Emperor Fu Jian of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317–420 AD) was once so overawed by the superior troops of his opponent that he mistook nearby rows of neatly planted... MORE
CCP General Secretary and Chinese President Xi Jinping has had gained a new title: "Core of the Leadership"

Will “Core of the Leadership” Xi Jinping Rule for 15 Years Or More?

In December 2015, Chinese President, Communist Party Secretary and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping took on the additional title of “Core of the Leadership” (“领导核心”). This is just one of several recent signs indicating that a Maoist-style personality cult is being built around the... MORE
Taiwanese Presidential candidates James Soong, Eric Chu and Cai Ing-wen

After the Election: The Future of Cross-Strait Relations

Barring an upset of momentous proportions, Taiwan’s opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is expected to defeat the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) or Nationalist Party, during presidential elections scheduled for January 16. The latest polls by the popular Taiwanese TV station TVBS show the DPP candidate and... MORE
The arrest of Ai Baojun  (pictured here) and Lu Xiwen, vice mayors of Shanghai and Beijing represents a milestone in Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign.

China’s Anti-Graft Campaign in Review

China’s anti-graft campaign reached a milestone last month with the early November detention of Shanghai and Beijing Vice Mayors, Ai Baojun and Lu Xiwen, respectively, on corruption charges. At least one official with the rank of vice minister or above from each of China’s 31... MORE