Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 106

German foreign minister Klaus Kinkel has voiced the hope that Russia will take action to remove the nuclear warheads from all of its missiles targeting NATO countries, a German newspaper reported yesterday. Kinkel was referring to a statement made by Boris Yeltsin during the May 27 signing of the Russia-NATO Founding Act. The Kremlin later explained that Russia intended only to detarget those missiles, and not to remove their warheads. Kinkel suggested that Yeltsin’s remark had, at the very least, removed some of the West’s fears that Moscow might put greater emphasis on its nuclear arsenal as a response to NATO enlargement. He also said that the issue of removing the warheads ought to be a central topic for discussion at the first meeting of the newly-established NATO-Russian Permanent Joint Council. (Xinhua, May 29) In his radio address earlier today Yeltsin made no mention of removing the warheads from Russia’s nuclear missiles.

Bomb Kills Three in Dagestan.