Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 78

The latest public opinionpoll in Russia shows that only seven parties now garner at leastfive percent of public support. The Communist Party of Russiahas a 9 percent rating, the Yabloko group 7 percent, VladimirZhirinovsky’s Liberal Democrats get 6 percent, and Premier ViktorChernomyrdin’s "Russia is Our Home" bloc, the Womenof Russia group, and the Party of Popular Self-administration,each have 5 percent, Russian television reported August 18. Meanwhile,Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov said that "there will beno stabilization in a country whose constitution was approvedby less than one-third of the population, where the incomes of10 percent of the citizens are 30 times that of the remaining90 percent, where 20 million citizens are registered as unemployedor semi-employed, and where 15 million go hugry and six millionare regarded as refugees," Russian television reported. Zyuganov said that the December elections were the last chancefor non-violent change before Russia became "one big Chechnyaor Colombia."

Yeltsin Now Least Trusted Russian Politician.