Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 108

The Duma voted of 286 to 0 a statement assailing the bill passed by the US House of Representatives, "On the freedom of Cuba and democratic solidarity," known as the Helms-Burton bill, designed to tighten international economic sanctions against the Castro regime. The Duma described the bill as "running counter to international law and to civilized international relations," a "destructive bill which can seriously disturb the atmosphere of international cooperation." It voiced the hope that the bill will not become US law, and vowed that Russia will go on developing relations with Cuba. First deputy prime minister Oleg Soskovets has announced that he would lead a governmental delegation to Cuba in the coming days. Russia will resume and complete the construction of the Juragua nuclear power plant and will "place special emphasis on military cooperation between Russia and Cuba," Soskovets said. (11)

Moldova Warned by Russian Ambassador.