Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 181

Russian first deputy prime minister Vladimir Potanin is in Washington this week, heading the Russian delegation to the annual meetings of the World Bank and its sister-organization, the International Monetary Fund. At the World Bank, Potanin will discuss conditions for the credit the bank is giving Russia to reconstruct its coal industry. Also on the delegation are Central Bank chairman Sergei Dubinin, Finance Minister Aleksandr Livshits, and Economics Minister Yevgeni Yasin. (Itar-Tass, September 27)

GRACHEV HOSPITALIZED? Although he was sacked as defense minister on June 18, Gen. Pavel Grachev remains on active duty in the military. His leave was up on September 1, but he has yet to reappear in the Defense Ministry — where he is to be "at the disposal" of his successor. Currently, Grachev is said to be a patient of the Third Central Military Clinical Hospital suffering from an acute case of urolithiasis. A military source, when asked whether Grachev’s illness was a "diplomatic" one, responded that: "He is sick together with the president." (Kommersant-Daily, 28 September) Earlier this month it was reported that Grachev had taken a job with an unidentified commercial firm in Moscow.

Yeltsin Shown on Russian Television While Lebed Calls on Him to Stand Down.