Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 12

Chechen prosecutor general Usman Imayev told Radio LibertyMay 13 that Chechen fighters had found a disfigured corpse that Imayevbelieves is that of missing American aid worker Fred Cuny. The face of thecorpse had been destroyed by sulfuric acid, Imayev said, but body size andclothing suggest that it is Cuny. According to an Ingush official, there wasa “95%” certainty that the body was Cuny’s; he said that the relief workerhad been shot twice in the head, Itar-Tass reported. The place where the bodywas found was occupied until recently by a Russian tank brigade. Over theweekend, an international search team, on its way to retrieve the body foridentification, was forced to turn back to Grozny after the team came underRussian tank fire. American officials protested to Moscow about this, theState Department said. On May 15, the body was recovered and taken to Nazranfor identification.

Russian Forces Attack Throughout Chechnya.