Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 84

Russian and Chechen negotiatorsfailed to agree on a procedure for exchanging prisoners, fightingcontinued in various parts of the republic, and the turning inof arms and the withdrawal of troops were virtually at a standstillAugust 28, Russian media reported. Presidential representativeOleg Lobov noted that if disarmament continued at its present speed, "it will take several years to complete." And Krasnaya zvezda reported August 26 that Russian forces had established a "Motherland" radio station for Russian troops in Chechnya. (Moscow established an analogous stationfor Soviet troops when they were in Afghanistan.) Meanwhile,Chechen officials said that the disarmament process and the exchangeof prisoners could be completed in ten days if the Russian sidewould live up to its part of the bargain and begin to withdrawtroops from forward positions. The Chechen side even handed ina precise schedule for achieving both goals. In neighboring Daghestan, Russian border guards chief Col. Gen. Andrei Nikolayevmet with officials to seek to improve security there. He willtravel to Tbilisi for the same reason August 29.

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