Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 203

Senior Moldovan officials told the Monitor today that Russian Duma chairman Gennady Seleznev, who completed an extensive visit to Moldova yesterday, had requested ratification of a Russian-Moldovan protocol on mutual military assistance as a condition for the Duma’s ratification of a Russian-Moldovan political treaty. That treaty, which recognizes Moldova’s territorial integrity, was signed in 1990 by Presidents Boris Yeltsin and Mircea Snegur, but, as a result of Moscow’s ties to Transdniester, has never been ratified by the Russian side. In 1995 Yeltsin and Snegur signed a "supplementary protocol" on mutual military assistance in the event of a regional conflict. The Moldovan government and parliament have since ignored that protocol. Russia’s Foreign Ministry, and many in the Duma, want the protocol ratified together with — and as a price for — the political treaty. (Monitor interviews, October 30)

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