Zyazikov Accuses U.S. of Destabilizing Ingushetia

Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 9 Issue: 34

Ingush President Murat Zyazikov said that he wanted an “objective” investigation into Magomed Yelvoev’s death, Reuters reported on September 8. “By all means, this is a tragedy … and we are interested more than anybody else to clarify this matter, and we will inform the public about what really happened,” Zyazikov said. But he also accused the United States of stirring trouble with the aim of ending Russian rule in the North Caucasus.

“Comrade Bush has all of a sudden fallen strongly in love with far-away Ingushetia,” Reuters quoted Zyazikov as telling a news conference. “The only thing(s) they would build in the Caucasus are military bases. We know what kind of democracy they brought to Iraq and Afghanistan, how they acted in Yugoslavia … We feel attempts are made to oust Russia from the Caucasus and surround it.”

Newsru.com on September 6 quoted Zyazikov as denying that there was “unrest” of any kind in Ingushetia in the wake of Yevloev’s killing. According to the website, the Ingush president, asked by reporters to comment on opposition demands that he step down, said such calls were from a “handful” of “adventurists” and that such people do not represent a “constructive opposition.” Zyazikov also said that “the Americans have had a hand in attempts to destabilize the situation in the republic,” Newsru.com reported. “The Americans are just waiting to destabilize [the situation],” he said. “Maybe they would like to achieve what was done in South Ossetia.”