Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 84

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov has attracted a number of luminaries for hislist including Duma security committee chairman Viktor Ilyushkin,former Supreme Soviet chairman Anatoly Lukyanov, two cosmonautsand former general Valentin Varennikov, Moscow’s Echo radio reportedAugust 28. Zyuganov also said that he has a "strategic partnership" with the Agrarian Party and with Nikolai Ryzhkov’s "Power to the People" bloc. Together, these groups are likely to do well in the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, Duma speaker IvanRybkin’s left-center bloc failed to gain support from two potentialpartners, the United Industrial Party headed by Vladimir Shcherbakovand the independent trade unions led by Mikhail Shmakov, NTV reported August 27. In an effort to improve his position, Rybkinhas recruited former CPSU Central Committee international departmentofficial Aleksandr Tsypko to help create a platform for the Rybkinbloc.

Rossel Organizes Regional Bloc.