Latest Articles about Central Asia

Political Goals Driving Kazakh-slavic Integration

Since the Eurasian Economic Community emerged in October 2000, Kazakhstan has earned an ambiguous reputation as a force driving CIS integration. Speaking at the September 15 mini-summit of the Single Economic Space (SES) countries in Astana, President Nursultan Nazarbayev reaffirmed Kazakhstan's commitment to the idea... MORE

Questions Raised Over Alleged Kazakh Hostage Takers

Recent allegations, circulated in Moscow, concerning the presence of ethnic Kazakhs among the terrorists in Beslan, provoked swift denials and concerted efforts in Astana to downplay any possible speculation about terrorists operating within Kazakhstan. Coupled with this response, the authorities in Kazakhstan have intimated their... MORE

Nazarbaev Warns Of Threats To Political Stability

Speaking at a joint session of parliament on September 1, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbaev recognized the looming threat of terrorism for his country. He expressed a serious concern over the security situation and the spread of religious extremism in the country, noting that last year... MORE

Kazakhstan’s Rough Road To Wto Accession

The Secretary-General of the World Trade Organization, Supachai Panitchpakdi, made a landmark visit to Kazakhstan on August 25. Panitchpakdi hailed Kazakhstan's efforts to join the WTO and positively evaluated the reforms carried out by the government, particularly in updating its foreign trade rules in accordance... MORE

“Steppe Eagle” Promises Closer UK-Kazakh Military Relations

Joint UK-Kazakh military exercises held in Kazakhstan, August 18-25, may herald closer cooperation between the two countries and open future exercises to greater regional participation. This diplomatic success, in the context of the war on terror, promotes British interests in the region and facilitates joint... MORE

Karimov Responds To Terrorism In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov, speaking during an unscheduled press conference in Tashkent on August 26, revealed key aspects of Uzbekistan's position on responding to terrorism within its borders and illustrated how the Uzbek leader perceives international support for his attempts to counter the terrorist threat... MORE

Kazakhstan Set To Increase Grain Exports

With its vast arable land, Kazakhstan sees grain production as more than a matter of food security. It is also increasingly becoming an effective tool in shaping its economic and political relations with the outside world. Over the last three years Kazakhstan has taken steps... MORE

Kazakhstan Strives To Explore Space With Russia’s Help

On August 11, a Russian RS-18 (Stiletto) inter-continental ballistic missile was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kyzylorda region, symbolizing the expanding Russian-Kazakh cooperation in space exploration. In recent years Kazakhstan's government has been repeatedly criticized for failing to make good use of the Baikonur... MORE