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Special Issue: Taiwanese Voices On The 2024 Elections

This year sees the Jamestown Foundation celebrate its 40th anniversary. The intention of Jamestown’s analysis since its inception has always been to foreground indigenous voices and local sources from the regions of focus. The organization’s founder, William Geimer, published memoirs of Arkady Shevchenko, the highest-ranking... MORE

Fortifying Taiwan: Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific Era

Executive Summary: The development of asymmetric military capabilities, including indigenous weapons systems, is crucial for Taiwan's defense and deterrence strategies against potential aggression from the PRC. Strengthening alliances and cooperation, especially in advanced military technologies and training, is key to bolstering Taiwan’s defense force and... MORE

KMT Appeal To The Younger Generation

Executive Summary: The success of younger lawmakers was a bright spot within the KMT’s election performance. They have the potential to appeal to middle-class and young Taiwanese voters through innovative approaches and better social media engagement. There is significant overlap between the KMT’s platform and... MORE

KMT Bottom Lines Following The 2024 Election

Executive Summary: The KMT emphasizes a balanced approach to preserving Taiwan’s democracy and Indo-Pacific peace, highlighting the importance of not solely focusing on military buildup but also on fostering good neighborly relations. Despite not winning the presidency, the KMT achieved significant gains in the Legislative... MORE

Seeds of the Sunflower Movement

Executive Summary: The 2014 Sunflower Movement significantly impacted Taiwan’s political landscape, leading to a shift towards the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and away from policies pursuing deeper official cross-strait engagement. The movement catalyzed policies for economic diversification which have measurably reduced dependence on the PRC.... MORE

Civil Society Defense Initiatives

Executive Summary: Civic groups are enhancing “social resilience” by forming self-training organizations focused on preparing for potential conflict impacts beyond just military engagement. These groups address a broad range of issues including civil defense, emergency rescue, disaster preparedness, cyberattack responses, and infrastructure maintenance. Civil society... MORE

Taiwan’s Offshore Islands: Assessments Of Support For Integration

Kinmen County (金门县) and Lienchiang County (连江县; also referred to as Matsu (马祖)) are a crucial site of activity for cross-Strait relations. Over the last year, Beijing has renewed its calls for using the islands to promote “cross-Strait integrated development (两岸融合发展)” (Taiwan Affairs Office, September... MORE

Xi’s New Year’s Speech Dismisses Difficulties

On New Year’s Eve, a prerecorded address from Chinese President Xi Jinping was broadcast across the Party’s global network of official media outlets (Youtube, December 31, 2023). The speech is an annual tradition, delivered from behind a wooden desk in rhetoric that is at once... MORE