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Azerbaijan and the West: Strategic Partnership at Eurasia’s Crossroads

Jamestown presents a complete summary of the May 14, 2009 event entitled Azerbaijan and the West: Strategic Partnership at Eurasia's Crossroads featuring discussions by Senior Fellow Vladimir Socor, Dr. Brenda Shaffer and Daniel P. Fata. To request a free copy of either the electronic PDF... MORE

Russian LNG – The Future Geopolitical Battleground

The global natural gas industry is undergoing a historical shift away from overland pipeline deliveries of gas and gradually towards Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), shipped by seaborne tankers designed to supply distant markets which cannot otherwise be supplied by traditional pipelines.

Friends of Jamestown Program

The Jamestown Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the Friends of Jamestown Program, an annual membership that offers complimentary copies of Jamestown books and reports, and signficant discounts on registration fees for major Jamestown events. *For further information, or to join the Friends... MORE

Gazprom’s European Web

For over a decade the proliferation of so-called “Gas Trading” companies in Europe has destabilized the EU energy market and possibly criminalized it as well. The appearance of such companies as RosUkrEnergo, the Centrex group of companies, Gazprom Germania, YugoRosGas, Eural Trans Gas, Overgas, and... MORE

The Georgia Crisis and Russia-Turkey Relations

*Click here to order a copy of this report online!* The August 2008 Russia-Georgia war has triggered some major shifts in regional geopolitics. The Caucasus crisis also directly affected the relationship between the two main regional powers – Russia and Turkey. Even before the Georgia... MORE

Who’s Who in the Azerbaijani Opposition

On October 15, Azerbaijanis will go to the polls to elect their next president. Seven candidates are running for the most prestigious and powerful position in the country. Who will become Azerbaijan’s president for the upcoming five years will depend not only on the personal... MORE