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Pakistan’s Tribal Militants: A Militant Leadership Monitor Special Report

In this Special Report “Pakistan’s Tribal Militants: Profiles from the Pashtun and Baloch Insurgencies,” we examine some of Pakistan’s tribal militant leaders in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) as well as the tribal insurgency in Pakistan’s south,... MORE

Militant Leadership Monitor – January Issue

This issue of MLM features profiles of Alghabass ag Intallag, Syrian Major General Abdulaziz al-Shalal, Who’s Who in the Jordanian Opposition, Mullah Nazir the "good Taliban", and Female PKK leader Sakine Cansiz. To purchase a copy of this report, click here.

Mayhem in Mali: A Militant Leadership Monitor Report

In this Quarterly Special Report (QSR) on Mayhem in Mali, we focus on the various Islamist fighters who have taken over northern Mali. The QSR includes profiles of important personalities in the Sahel region such as Abou Zeid, a brutal, committed and resilient militant under... MORE

Kindle Reports

You've asked and we've delivered. Books and Reports which have been published by The Jamestown Foundation will now be available for a substantial discount on Kindle. Books can be purchased for $9.95 and Occasional Reports can be purchased for $3.95-$7.95 in the United States.  International... MORE