Michael W. S. Ryan

Dr. Michael W. S. Ryan is an independent consultant and researcher on Middle Eastern security issues and a Senior Fellow at the Jamestown Foundation. He is the author of Decoding Al-Qaeda’s Strategy: The Deep Battle Against America (Columbia University Press, 2013).

Ryan has served as the Vice President of the Middle East Institute as well as Vice President at the Millennium Challenge Corporation (2007-2008), and as a political-military and foreign assistance specialist for the Departments of Defense and State with an emphasis on Middle East and North Africa (1979-1997). He is a former Fulbright Fellow at the American Research Center in Egypt. Ryan received his BA from St. John’s College and a PhD from Harvard University.

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    Articles by Michael W. S. Ryan

    Hot Issue – Al-Qaeda’s Long Game in the Sinai

    Executive Summary Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri’s long-game strategy has created international networks with the ultimate intention of creating a united Islamic Emirate to take the place of the lost Ottoman

    Michael Ryan Quoted by AP

    Michael Ryan discussed the former Iraqi Baathist leaders who are now high-ranking commanders of the Islamic State with the AP.

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    Jamestown Senior Fellow Michael Ryan was quoted by the Christian Post in an article comparing the violence of Islamic State to al-Qaeda.

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    Jamestown's Michael W.S. Ryan was interviewed by Voice of America's "On The Line" video broadcast concerning recent strains in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

    Jamestown’s Michael W.S. Ryan Releases New Book

    Decoding Al Qaeda's Strategy: The Deep Battle Against America Jamestown Senior Fellow Michael W.S. Ryan's new book, Decoding Al-Qaeda's Strategy: The Deep Battle Against America, is now available for purchase.  By

    Three Leaders to Watch in Post-Mursi Egypt

    All Egyptians acknowledge that the military is the strongest institution in Egypt. An examination of some of Egypt's top generals, however, shows that their strength comes not only from their

    Who is Sayf al-Adel?

    Recent reporting that Egyptian authorities have arrested one of al-Qaeda’s iconic figures, Sayf al-Adel, at the Cairo International Airport resurrects a number of tantalizing questions that can be answered only

    The Salafist Challenge to al-Qaeda’s Jihad

    When commentators analyze Salafism, it is crucial to distinguish between mainstream Salafism and the kind of revolutionary Salafism promoted by al-Qaeda.  To do otherwise is to lump together peaceful communities