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Six Months of Germany’s New China Strategy: Old Ways Die Hard

On December 1, the first visa-free travelers entered China from a select group of mainly European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Malaysia (Xinhua, December 2). Expanding visa-free travel (for more than 72 hours) to these countries was arguably the most visible step... MORE

Thinking About Xi Jinping Thought on Culture

On October 7–8, Politburo Standing Committee member Cai Qi (蔡奇) chaired the National Conference on Propaganda, Ideology, and Cultural Work (People’s Daily, October 9). This was the third installment of a quinquennial series of conferences dedicated to such work. This year’s edition moved beyond those... MORE

Russian Opposition in Exile Attempts to Influence Situation Back Home

Over the past weekend, the Telegram channel "Nezygar," closely aligned with the Russian presidential administration, erupted with posts criticizing the liberal positions prevalent among Russian exiles. The channel's authors and experts concurred that the so-called "non-systemic opposition," currently residing abroad, lacks both a substantial following... MORE

Security Implications of China’s Auto Dominance

At the end of September, the 2023 China International Automobile Exhibition opened in Tianjin. An official representing the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) delivered a speech, announcing that China's automobile exports are expected to exceed four million units this year (Kuai... MORE

Aggressive Nuclear Propaganda Sets Trap for the Kremlin

In recent months, it has been rare to find a popular Russian political show that does not include calls for a nuclear strike against Ukraine and the West. At the forefront of this “nuclear hysteria” is Vladimir Solovyov, Russia’s so-called “chief propagandist.” Solovyov does not... MORE

Generation Z: Russia’s Militarization of Children

On July 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded to intensify the country’s efforts in promoting military propaganda within education institutions. As per Putin’s instructions, the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Education and Rosmolodezh (Federal Agency for Youth Affairs) are tasked... MORE