Kevin McCauley

Kevin McCauley has served as senior intelligence officer for the Soviet Union, Russia, China and Taiwan during 31 years in the federal government. He has written numerous intelligence products for decision makers, combatant commands, combat and force developers, and contributions to the annual Report to Congress on China’s military power. Mr. McCauley currently writes on PLA and Taiwan military affairs.

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    Articles by Kevin McCauley

    The PLA Accelerates Modernization Plans

    China is moving up plans for the completion of its military reforms and modernization. Shortly after the close of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, CCP General

    Snapshot: China’s Western Theater Command

    Despite continuing high-level meetings between China and India’s military, Beijing has not settled its border disputes with India, and continues aggressive military activity along the disputed border regions (China Military

    PLA Transformation: Difficult Military Reforms Begin

    President Xi announced a 300,000-personnel reduction at the 70th anniversary military parade (China Military Online, September 3). The reduction represents the most significant element of the current military reforms so

    PLA Joint Operations Developments and Military Reform

    During recent high-level political meetings, Chinese leaders have made repeated calls for “military reform.” While these speeches have given little detail about the content of such reform, the People’s Liberation

    A Tale of Two Volunteer Programs: China and Taiwan

    Recent developments have shown the volunteer recruitment systems in Taiwan and China moving on decidedly different trajectories. The Taiwan military’s attempt to implement a volunteer transition fully by the end

    Developing a Framework for PLA Precision Operations

    The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has examined U.S. military precision operations (jingque zuozhan) in local wars with limited objectives since the 1990’s, believing that precision operations have become the