Maxim Starchak

Maxim Starchak is a Fellow at the Centre for International and Defence Policy of Queen’s University (Canada).

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    Articles by Maxim Starchak

    Russia Reconsiders Its Air Defense Strategy

    Throughout January 2023, Russian Telegram channels worried Muscovites with footage of the placement of air defense systems on the rooftops of official government buildings in Moscow. For example, the Pantsir

    Crimea’s Nuclear Potential: A Return to Soviet Practices

    On April 12, amid escalating tensions along the Ukrainian border, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran expressed concern that “Crimea’s infrastructure is being prepared for potentially storing nuclear weapons” (Radio Svoboda,

    Russia’s Sarmat ICBM Faces Development Problems

    The Russian budget for 2017–2019, which the State Duma (lower chamber of parliament) adopted last December, predicts that federal budget revenues will continue to decline in the next three years