Mendee Jargalsaikhany

Jargalsaikhany Mendee is a political science PhD student at the University of British Columbia. He has worked at the Mongolian Ministry of Defense, Embassy in Washington, DC, and Institute for Strategic Studies.

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    Articles by Mendee Jargalsaikhany

    Rosneft Pipelines to and Through Mongolia

    Events in Ukraine create both uncertainties and opportunities in Ulaanbaatar. A changing balance of power in Europe and closer ties between two regional powers, Russia and China, certainly create new

    Mongolian Defense Diplomacy

    Over the last few months, Mongolia has hosted or taken part in several multi-national military exercises with the aim to develop the Mongolian army’s peacekeeping abilities, as well as a

    Turkish Prime Minister’s Visit to Mongolia

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Mongolia last month (April 11–12) is likely to result in closer bilateral economic cooperation in addition to the two countries’ already well-established

    Mongolia’s Vulnerability to Russian Fuel Supply

    An expected price increase of gasoline by Mongolian distributors presents new challenges for the coalition government and worries for the public and businesses. As informed by Mongolian fuel importers, Rosneft,