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Latest Media Appearances

Senior Fellow Willy Lam cited by BBC

Senior Fellow Willy Lam has been cited in an article by the BBC about the "Panama Papers" in regards to the wealth secreted abroad by elite Chinese leaders and their families. Dr. Lam noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping has portrayed himself as "a purist... MORE

Senior Fellow Willy Lam cited by Bloomberg

Senior Fellow Willy Lam has been cited by Bloomberg in an article on Xi Jinping's "Four Comprehensives" here. For more information on the Four Comprehensives (四个全面) check out our related articles in China Brief:  Xi Jinping Consolidates Power While Presiding Over Tilt Toward Ultra-Conservative Ideals by Willy... MORE

AFP Quotes Jacob Zenn

Jamestown Fellow Jacob Zenn was quoted by the AFP on the possibility of improving relations between Boko Haram (a.k.a. Islamic State West Africa Province) and Islamic State provinces in Libya in the coming year.