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Malaysia Airlines Passenger Jet Crashes Over Eastern Ukraine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 17, 2014UPDATED: Jul 20, 2014 Contact: Matthew Czekajpubs@jamestown.org202.483.8888 The Jamestown Foundation is deeply saddened by the news of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, which crashed over eastern Ukraine, approximately 31 miles from the Ukraine-Russia border, on Thursday,... MORE

Jamestown Foundation Board Visits Kyiv, Ukraine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  June 25, 2014 Contact: Kathryn Basinsky pubs@jamestown.org202.483.8888 From June 4 to June 8, The Jamestown Foundation led a ten-person delegation to Kyiv, Ukraine, to meet with senior government security officials in the interim Ukrainian government. Headed by Jamestown's board chairman, Willem de... MORE

Jamestown Website Restored After Malware Attack

The Jamestown Foundation website was inaccessible to most web users on Thursday, February 6, owing to a malware attack. After an investigation, we identified and resolved the problem: a section of JavaScript code inserted into the site’s main template by an unauthorized user. The website... MORE

Jamestown’s Michael W.S. Ryan Releases New Book

Decoding Al Qaeda's Strategy: The Deep Battle Against America Jamestown Senior Fellow Michael W.S. Ryan's new book, Decoding Al-Qaeda's Strategy: The Deep Battle Against America, is now available for purchase.  By analyzing the work of well-known and obscure al-Qaeda theoreticians, Dr. Ryan finds that jihadist terrorism strategy... MORE

Jamestown Foundation Responds to False Izvestia Article About Tsarnaev Link

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Matthew Czekajpubs@jamestown.org202.483.8888 The Jamestown Foundation categorically rejects the content and premise of the April 24 report by the Russian newspaper Izvestia, which suggested that Jamestown was in any way tied to Tamarlan Tsarnaev. The story presented in the Izvestia article is entirely... MORE

Jamestown Exchanges Views with Belarusian Government Leaders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Matthew Czekajpubs@jamestown.org202.483.8888  Last week The Jamestown Foundation led a small group of analysts on a three-day visit to Minsk, Belarus. Headed by Jamestown President Glen E. Howard, the group included Jamestown analysts Vladimir Socor and Grigory Ioffe, as well as Janusz... MORE

Admiral Timothy J. Keating (USN, Ret.) Joins Jamestown Board

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                           Contact: Caitlin Buckleypubs@jamestown.org202.483.8888 WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Jamestown Foundation is proud to announce the addition of Admiral Timothy J. Keating (USN, Ret.) to the Jamestown board. Admiral Timothy J. Keating is a highly decorated, retired Admiral of the U.S. Navy and the former Commander of... MORE