China’s Evolving Military Strategy

For over two decades, the People’s Republic of China has been engaged in a grand project to transform its military into a modernized fighting force capable of defeating the world’s most powerful militaries through asymmetric means. However, despite the considerable attention that has been devoted to cataloging Chinese advances in weapons and hardware, much less is known about China’s strategic thinking.

China’s Evolving Military Strategy fills this gap by offering sector-by-sector expert assessments of the latest trends in Chinese military thought under Xi Jinping, covering not only traditional battle-spaces such as the air and sea but also China’s strategy for the new domains of space, cyberspace, and electronic warfare. China’s Evolving Military Strategy is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the world’s most important bilateral national security relationship.

This second printing includes a new chapter by Peter Mattis on Chinese Military Intelligence.


Section I: China’s Overall Approach to Military Strategy

Chapter 1: An Overview of China’s National Military Strategy by Timothy R. Heath

Chapter 2: China’s Changing Approach to Military Strategy: The Science of Military Strategy from 2001 and 2013 by M. Taylor Fravel

Section II: China’s Strategy for Conventional and Nuclear Warfare

Chapter 3: The Evolution of PLAAF Mission, Roles and Requirements by Cristina L. Garafola

Chapter 4: Doctrinal Sea Change, Making Real Waves: Examining the Naval Dimension of Strategy Andrew S. Erickson

Chapter 5: PLA Rocket Force: Executors of China’s Nuclear Strategy and Policy by Michael S. Chase

Section III: China’s Strategy for Information Warfare

Chapter 6: Electronic Warfare and the Renaissance of Chinese Information Operations by John Costello and Peter Mattis

Chapter 7: China’s Military Strategy for Network Warfare by Joe McReynolds

Chapter 8: The Conceptual Evolution of China’s Military Space Operations and Strategy by Kevin Pollpeter and Jonathan Ray

New Chapter 9: Modernizing Military Intelligence: Realigning Organizations to Match Concepts by Peter Mattis

Section IV: China’s Strategy Beyond Warfighting

Chapter 10: China’s Evolving Approach to Strategic Deterrence by  Dennis J. Blasko

Chapter 11: PLA Thinking on Military Operations Other Than War by Morgan Clemens

Chapter 12: An Introduction to China’s Strategic Military-Civilian Fusion by Daniel Alderman


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