MLM Feb 2013 Screenshot

Militant Leadership Monitor – February 2023

The February 2023 issue of Militant Leadership Monitor starts off with a discussion of Bilal al-Sudani, a.k.a. Abd El-Rahman, IS’s former top operative in Somalia. Following the brief, there is an examination of Zubayr al-Muhaajir, a Kenyan member of al-Shabaab and a suicide bomber whose final testament was meant to inspire other Kenyan jihadists. In the next article, the publication looks at Shaikh Jalaluddin, whose family was itself a snapshot of an entire generation of Afghan jihadists. The publication ends with a biography of Sajid Majeed Mir, “project manager” of the 2008 Mumbai attacks and international recruiter for the Lashkar-e-Taiba; Mir’s sentencing also touches on the tension between India and Pakistan in the area of counter-terrorism.