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Militant Leadership Monitor – June 2022

The June 2022 issue of Militant Leadership Monitor is a special issue of MLM that examines militants fighting in the Russo-Ukraine War. It starts off with a piece on Vladimir Andonov Batobolotovich, also known as “Vakha,” a notorious Wagner Group mercenary recently killed in Ukraine. It also features profiles on three other militants on both sides of the conflict: Muslim Cheberloyevsky, Denys Prokopenko, and Kuudaabek uulu Almaz. Each of these men are prominent faces in the conflict right now. Muslim Cheberloyevsky is the head of the Sheikh Mansur Battalion. Prokopenko is the recently captured head of the Azov Regiment. And Kuudaabek uulu Almaz is the first kyrgyz fighter in Ukraine to be criminally charged by his home government.