Militant Leadership Monitor – October 2015 Issue

The October 2015 issue of Militant Leadership Monitor covers several militants connected with the ongoing conflict in Syria and Iraq. Nicholas Heras begins with a brief on Shaykh Auws al-Khafaji and Shaykh Ammar al-Lami, the Secretary General and primary adjutant, respectively, of an Iraqi Shi’a group that fights on behalf of the Syrian regime. Muhammad Mansour then details Hisham Ali Ashmawy Mosaad Ibrahim, an Egyptian al-Qaeda militant who formed his own organization rather than swear allegiance to the Islamic State. Asia Ahmed Mohamed is one of several Spanish women who have gone to join the Islamic State in Syria according to Alex Calvo. James Brandon gives a glimpse into one of the first English-language propagandists in the Islamic State, Ifthekar Jaman, and how he continues to inspire others to go abroad to fight despite his death two years ago. Finally, Umm Adam, perhaps the most powerful woman in the Islamic State, is profiled by Halla Diyab.