Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 67

In a televised address August3, Boris Yeltsin said that the military agreement between Moscowand the Chechens presented a "real chance" for endingmilitary operations and starting on the road toward peace. Hesaid that the political accords to be reached in the future wouldbe based on the provisions of the Russian Federation Constitution,and he called for the prompt disarmament of what he called "theillegal armed formations." To advance these ends, Yeltsinsaid an international committee–including representatives ofthe OSCE, the Russian government, the Chechen military, and religiousgroups–would monitor the situation. He also announced that bothhouses of the Russian parliament would have their own representativesin the region alongside his own. Yeltsin legal aide Mikhail Krasnovsaid that the Presidential Representative in Chechnya would notbe an ethnic Chechen but would be someone familiar with the NorthCaucasus.

Tensions Ease in Grozny.