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Gauging Jemaah Islamiyah’s Threat in Southeast Asia

Modern Islamic militancy emerged in Indonesia during the late 1940s and the early 1950s. Darul Islam (Abode of Islam), a radical Islamist group whose vision was to establish an Islamic state in Indonesia, revolted in West Java in the 1950s. The rebellion was crushed, and... MORE

Peace Talks Amid Renewed Violence in the Philippines

Talks which began on April 18 between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are being flagged as a ‘breakthrough' in the eight-year bid to put an end to decades of guerrilla warfare in the southern Philippines, but are coming at a... MORE

Hambali’s Capture: How Significant For The War On Terror?

August's capture of Riduan Isamuddin in Thailand has been hailed as a major advance in the war on terror in Southeast Asia. Otherwise known as "Hambali," this well-publicized figure in the extremist transnational Islamic network has been variously implicated in the 9/11 strikes in New... MORE

Indonesia: Southeast Asia’s Emergent Front For Transnational

August's bombing of the U.S.-owned Marriott Hotel in Jakarta has once again thrust Indonesia into the spotlight as an emergent territorial front for anti-Western transnational Islamic extremism. The attack, which killed dozens and injured over 100, exhibited strong similarities to last year's atrocity in Bali--the... MORE