Latest Articles about China and the Asia-Pacific

Fusing Chinese Commercial and Military Aviation Industries

The year 2008 will be remembered as a turning point in the history of China’s aviation industry from its slow to accelerated pace of restructuring. The restructuring process began in June 2007 with the separation of the commercial aircraft industry from its military sector. The... MORE

The Russo-Chinese Energy Follies

Chinese and Russian officials habitually proclaim that their bilateral relations have never been better and thereby invoke a great congruence in their agenda for the international regime.  Thus Viktor Kremenyuk, deputy director of the U.S. and Canada Institute in the Russian Academy of Sciences, writes... MORE

China’s Growth Dilemma: Growing Old before Becoming Rich?

Current trends in China's demographic transition suggest that the Chinese will likely grow old before they grow rich, which poses many challenges to the current regime. The first challenge is labor shortage. Throughout the period of reform and opening up to the outside world, China... MORE

Competing Forecasts Cloud China’s Economic Conference

The annual Central Economic Work Conference organized by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will convene on December 8-10 in Beijing. Senior economic planners were in Beijing last week to attend a preliminary meeting that laid out an agenda for the discussion... MORE

Has al-Qaeda Picked a Leader for Operations in China?

Since al-Qaeda and the Taliban leadership shifted their operational bases from Afghanistan to Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), many new groups claiming to be linked to al-Qaeda have emerged. On November 16, a self-proclaimed al-Qaeda spokesman named Muhammad Uighuri claimed that Osama bin Laden has... MORE

Transformations in China’s Soft Power toward ASEAN

Among U.S.-led like-minded alliances, a nascent China policy position has been formulated based on the idea of “international socialization” [1]. The idea is to enmesh states in a compound network structured by international organizations, conventions and norms. Accordingly, the process of socialization will push China... MORE

Arms Sales and the Future of U.S.-Taiwan-China Relations

The outgoing Bush Administration made an 11th hour decision to notify the U.S. Congress on October 3—a day before Congress went into recess ahead of the groundbreaking November presidential election in the United States—that a raft of arms and weapons systems, which have been effectively... MORE

Beijing’s Stimulus Plan: Preemptive Crisis Management

China’s $586 billion (4 trillion yuan) stimulus package, which was announced before last weekend’s G20 Summit in Washington, has been hailed as indicative of Beijing’s commitment to stave off further bleeding from the global recession. World Bank Vice-President Justin Lin noted that the resuscitation effort... MORE

China’s Strategic Engagement with Latin America

Ten days before Chinese President Hu Jintao left Beijing to attend the G20 Summit hosted by President George W. Bush in Washington on November 15 (China Brief, November 7), Zhongnanhai released its first policy white paper on Latin America and the Caribbean. The release of... MORE