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…While Indonesia Makes Progress against JI

On November 25 the Indonesian military made public the arrest – which had taken place three weeks earlier – of four men at the Javan town of Bogor. They were identified as major figures in the Indonesian radical group Jemaah Islamiah (JI), and implicated in... MORE

Islamist Militant Groups Infiltrating the Relief Efforts in Aceh

Domestic political sensitivities were sepverely tested by the worldwide response to the Tsunami crisis, particularly as armed forces from Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States poured into the province of Aceh which has been waging a separatist conflict with the central government for... MORE

Out of the Woodwork: Islamist Militants in Aceh

The humanitarian catastrophe caused by the December 26 tsunami has led to an outpouring of humanitarian aid and support from some unlikely quarters. While media attention has focused on how the relief efforts will affect the Indonesian armed forces (TNI) counter-insurgency campaign against the Acehnese... MORE

Philippine Terror War Goes on Despite Peace Talks

A spike in armed confrontations in January and indications of a developing alliance between the region's Islamist insurgent groups have underlined the fragility of the ongoing peace talks between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the largest of the Muslim separatist organizations... MORE

Valentine’s Day Bombings in the Philippines

The noose may be tightening on Islamist militant rebels on Jolo island, but the rebellion clearly still has teeth, judging from a spate of attacks claimed by the Abu Sayyaf group on February 14. Bombs within one hour of each other exploded in crowded areas... MORE

Bangladesh’s Conducive Conditions for Extremism

While Bangladesh government spokesmen dismiss the notion of the presence of international Islamist militants in the country, and intelligence agents attempt to identify the local sources of a New York Times article in January that depicted ripe conditions for the "next Islamist revolution", events in... MORE

Chinese Foreign Policy and the War On Terror

Beijing has several global security concerns regarding terrorism. Foremost among these are China's relations with the United States, and since September 2001, the U.S.-led War on Terrorism. Beijing is also worried about the Islamic/Arab World, especially in working to ensure China's supply of oil and... MORE

Gauging Jemaah Islamiyah’s Threat in Southeast Asia

Modern Islamic militancy emerged in Indonesia during the late 1940s and the early 1950s. Darul Islam (Abode of Islam), a radical Islamist group whose vision was to establish an Islamic state in Indonesia, revolted in West Java in the 1950s. The rebellion was crushed, and... MORE