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Greenland Set to Become Cockpit of Controversy Between East and West

Over the past several years, Moscow has been remarkably successful in convincing the Faroe Islands and Greenland, two Danish dependencies, to adopt different and less hostile policies toward Russia than North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member Denmark. Now, some in the Russian capital fear that... MORE

Finland and the Demise of China’s Polar Silk Road

Introduction Only a short time ago, considerable enthusiasm existed in Finland regarding Beijing’s efforts to forge an “Arctic corridor” of railroads and undersea tunnels, satellite ground stations, an airport for scientific expeditions, and massive biorefineries. In this, Finland was not alone but represented only a... MORE

Russia Expects Growing Conflict With US Over Greenland

Almost 20 years ago, novelist John Griesemer’s dystopian book, Nobody Thinks of Greenland, captured the dominant attitude of most of his fellow Americans about the world’s largest island abutting the Arctic Sea. But that viewpoint, which truthfully was never completely true, changed dramatically in August... MORE

China in Greenland: Mines, Science, and Nods to Independence

Editor’s Note: Miguel Martin has previously published on Arctic affairs under the name Jichang Lulu. Although China’s recent Arctic white paper (SCIO, January 2017), a document primarily intended for foreign consumption, avoids direct mention of Greenland, the island plays an important role in the PRC’s... MORE