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Russian Combat Training Prioritizes the Individual

As the new combat training year in the Russian armed forces began on December 1, senior officials outlined the priorities for the year ahead, while reflecting soberly on annual training results in 2009. The main change envisages concentrating on the individual skills of officers and... MORE

Mistral Procurement Divides Russian Defense Leadership

Those favoring the purchase of the Mistral-class amphibious assault ship from France had placed high hopes on events in late November moving the sale forward. Mistral arrived in St. Petersburg on November 23 to much fanfare. The French sailors proved excellent guests and Russian experts... MORE

Customs Union with Russia and Belarus Raises Doubts in Kazakhstan

Fielding questions from viewers on state-controlled television channels on November 13 Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced that on November 27 the leaders of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan would gather in Minsk to sign final agreements on a Customs Union. On November 17, at a cabinet... MORE

Putin Reassures his Audience and Reduces Medvedev to Irrelevance

Vladimir Putin’s annual talk-show has set a new record as he kept answering questions from carefully selected “common” Russians for more than four hours last Thursday, habitually demonstrating a perfect grasp of innumerable social problems and generously delivering gifts. Direct coverage continued non-stop on both... MORE

The Security Situation in Dagestan Continues to Deteriorate

The situation in Dagestan, one of the largest republics in North Caucasus, has remained markedly tense. Along with the problem of armed resistance, there are several other burning issues, inter-ethnic tensions being one of them. This issue becomes especially sensitive for the people of Dagestan... MORE

Terrorists Attack the St. Petersburg-Connected Elite

The bombing of the Nevsky Express, en route from Moscow to St. Petersburg, caused a crash that killed 26 people and injured more than one hundred. The alleged blast ruptured the tracks under the locomotive as the train was traveling at approximately 200 kilometers per... MORE