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The Strategic Implications of Russian Move Against Hungary’s MOL

The European Union remains a passive bystander to Russia's attempted capture of MOL, the Hungarian oil and gas company (EDM, April 3, 6). The Kremlin-connected Surgut Neftegaz became the single largest shareholder in MOL, literally overnight, through surreptitious acquisition of Austrian OMV's entire 21.2 stake... MORE

LNG – Russia’s New Energy Blackmail Tool

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently explained: "Russia enjoys vast energy and mineral resources which serve as a basis to develop its economy; as an instrument to implement domestic and foreign policy. The role of the country on international energy markets determines, in many ways,... MORE

Russian Unemployment Figures Rapidly Rising

On Tuesday April 14, traffic on the Garden Ring Road in downtown Moscow was seriously hampered, as President Dmitry Medvedev made a high profile visit to the Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR) -his pocket think tank, staffed with many known liberal academics. Medvedev's formal position... MORE

Medvedev Experiments With Liberalism as Economy Plunges

On April 15 President Dmitri Medvedev created a sensation by granting an exclusive interview to Novaya Gazeta, known, in his own words, for "not licking up" to anybody, and then held meetings with the Council for Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights and the Association... MORE

Russian Forces Deploying for Possible Action in Georgia

Last week Georgian opposition parties prepared to mount street protests to force President Mikhail Saakashvili to resign, while Russian forces began military exercises in the Caucasus that might be a direct preparation for an intervention in Georgia -in response to the country being further destabilized.... MORE

Russia Planning Arctic Military Grouping

Russia plans to reinforce the security of its northern borders by forming a military grouping for the Arctic before 2020, tasked with protecting its economic and political interests in the region as outlined in its, "Principles of the Russian Federation State Policy in the Arctic... MORE

Putin’s Banking Ally Sergei Pugachev Accused of Fraud

On February 11, 2009, Argumenti i Fakti, a tame but still high-profile Moscow based weekly, held a press conference on the Federation Council's (the upper house in the Russian Parliament) coming reform. This ordinary event would have gone unnoticed, if it were not for a... MORE

Gazprom Turns the Crisis Into an Opportunity -and a New Crisis

Russia's economy has achieved a modicum of stability after the meltdown that had spread with devastating force from the stock exchange to the financial sector and to industry. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in his report (rather resembling an instruction session) to the State Duma praised... MORE