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Chinese Women from the Countryside: Views on Marriage

Executive Summary: Recent data from China shows a decline in fertility rates in the countryside as well as in the cities. This complicates hopes that rural women could alleviate the declining birthrate. Demographic decline is increasingly a concern for policymakers. The population was found to... MORE

Conflict Between Russia and the West Heating Up in Frozen North

Executive Summary: Tensions between Russia and the West in the Arctic have risen dramatically, as Moscow condemns both Washington’s claims on the Arctic and increased US military activity. The Kremlin is considering denouncing the 1990 Baker-Shevardnadze agreement and insisting on its own right to make... MORE

The Future of the Eurasian Economic Union

Executive Summary: The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has attempted to increase its influence by creating a permanent free-trade zone with Iran, entering talks with India on a free-trade agreement, and encouraging Uzbekistan to become a member. The EAEU has served as a way for Moscow... MORE

Belarusian Economy Sees Growth Despite Hurdles

Executive Summary: The Belarusian economy experienced 3.9-percent growth in 2023, a positive outcome compared to the 4.7-percent decline in 2022. Minsk is expanding its trade partners, and Belarusian officials have developed numerous connections with their international counterparts in the Global South and elsewhere over the... MORE

The PRC’s Continued Outsized Role in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Executive Summary: Despite the Chinese Communist Party's restrictions on decentralized virtual currencies, the PRC has maintained a significant underground cryptocurrency industry, with investors posting $1.15 billion in gains in 2023. PRC investors are driven to digital assets by practical considerations amid limited traditional investment opportunities... MORE

Italy and Kazakhstan Work to Broaden Ties Beyond Energy

Executive Summary:  Kazakh and Italian officials met in March to underscore their healthy bilateral relations and discuss increasing economic and trade cooperation. Kazakhstan and Italy’s strategic economic partnership gives the countries a foothold to deepen their engagement with the European Union and Central Asia, especially... MORE