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Ant Group Expands Overseas But Still Hampered By The State

Executive Summary: Ant Group’s strategy since the fallout from its canceled IPO in 2020 and subsequent crackdown on the fintech sector has seen it seek opportunities while capturing projects within the People’s Republic of China (PRC) that are aligned with government priorities. Key markets for... MORE

The Dubious Future of Russia’s Proposed Orbital Station

Executive Summary: Key Roscosmos executives have signed and approved a schedule for the deployment of a new Russian orbital station, ROS, which is planned to be deployed by the early 2030s. Complications abound in achieving these lofty expectations, as growing shortages in human, scientific, technological,... MORE

Russia’s War Against Ukraine in 2024 and Looking Ahead to 2025

Executive Summary: The failure for Ukraine’s 2023 counteroffensive was largely due to delays in the West’s funding and fears in some Western countries of escalation if they clearly define and declare their overarching goal as Ukraine’s ultimate victory and Russia’s total defeat. While Russia has... MORE

Kazakhstan Expands Trade Relations With United States and Europe

Executive Summary:  Kazakhstan is looking to bolster trade relations beyond Eurasian Russia to the European Union and the United States partly due to Moscow’s war against Ukraine and sanctions imposed against Russia, limiting economic opportunities. The rich natural resource deposits in Kazakhstan will likely attract... MORE

Ukraine Strengthens National Defense Industry

Executive Summary: The Ukrainian defense industry has production capacities for purchasing, producing, and repairing weapons that exceed the available budget and thus needs more external funding from foreign investors. The strengthening of Ukraine’s domestic defense sector is critical for providing a steady supply of munitions... MORE