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Russia’s Space Program in Wartime and Beyond

The Kremlin’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine, launched on February 24, became a game changer for the Russian space program. Western sanctions, adopted in response to the war, have thrown Russia’s space industry into turmoil: previous rounds of sanctions were painful, but they only limited Russia’s... MORE

The Commercial Space Sector and Russia’s Space Strategy

Even as the commercial space sector grows quickly in the United States as well as in Europe, China, Japan, India and other countries, Russia continues to lack a robust approach to advancing in this area. The Russian government has for years been declaring an interest... MORE

Ukraine Expanding Space Program, Plans 2022 Moon Launch

Interest in privatizing space operations by Western companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic has now reached the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, which, for the moment, is focused on technological payloads rather than manned spaceflight. Unfortunately for advocates of Ukraine’s aerospace capabilities, on September... MORE

Roscosmos Suffers From Russia’s Confrontation With the US

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian state-owned space corporation Roscosmos, confirmed during parliamentary hearings earlier this month that Western sanctions have damaged Russia’s space and orbital activities (, June 7, 2021). Before this statement, Rogozin usually made it a point to deny that the... MORE

Russia’s Approach to Nuclear Power in Outer Space

Russia has been conducting research and development (R&D) on using nuclear power in outer space for years. On May 22, Alexander Bloshenko, executive director for advanced programs and science of Roscosmos, announced that the first mission of the nuclear-powered spacecraft, also known as the transport... MORE

Russian-Chinese Cooperation in Space

On March 9, Russia and China signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the construction of an international lunar research station (ILRS) (, March 9). Though there is no road map toward realizing the ILRS, the Russo-Chinese memorandum raises at least two main questions.... MORE

Sino-Russian Cooperation in Outer Space: Taking Off?

Introduction China and Russia are the two most influential space players besides the United States. Whereas in the past NASA was Moscow’s partner of choice, many influential Russians now look to China as their main future partner. Sino-Russian cooperation regarding global positioning and navigation satellites,... MORE

The PLA’s Pursuit of Terahertz: Facts and Fallacies

Introduction Successful military operations depend upon freedom of action in the warfighting domains of air, space, ground, sea, and cyberspace. Today, effective command and control and situational awareness depend upon radio communications and sensors. Domination of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) enables joint force commanders to... MORE