George Vișan

George Vișan is an associate researcher at the Romania Energy Center (ROEC).

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    Articles by George Vișan

    Growing Submarine Threat in the Black Sea

    In the four years that have passed since Russia annexed Crimea, the number of Russian submarines active in the Black Sea has grown from one to seven. These submarines pose

    Romania Consolidates Its Defense Posture

    As 2017 draws to a close, Romania is doubling down on its defense posture. Through a series of transformative policies and military acquisitions, Bucharest is trying to meet the Russian

    Romania on Course to Revamp Its Air Defenses

    Faced with Russia’s military buildup in the Black Sea, Romania is set to acquire US-made Patriot anti-aircraft and missile-defense systems as well as 36 F-16 fighters in order to bolster