Jagannath P. Panda

Dr. Jagannath Panda is the Head of the Stockholm Centre for South Asian and Indo-Pacific Affairs (SCSA-IPA) at the Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP), Sweden.

He is also the Director for Europe-Asia Research Cooperation at the YCAPS in Japan. Additionally, Dr. Panda is a Senior Fellow at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS), The Netherlands; and an International Research Fellow at the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) in Japan, and a Senior Fellow at the United States Services Institute of India. He is also the Series Editor for Routledge Studies on Think Asia.

Dr. Panda is the author of the book India-China Relations (Routledge: 2017) and China’s Path to Power: Party, Military and the Politics of State Transition (Pentagon Press: 2010). Dr. Panda’s recent edited works are: Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy under Xi Jinping (co-edited), Quad Plus and Indo-Pacific (Routledge: 2021); Scaling India-Japan Cooperation in Indo-Pacific and Beyond 2025 (KW Publishing Ltd. 2019), and The Korean Peninsula and Indo-Pacific Power Politics: Status Security at Stake (Routledge, 2020).

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    What is at Stake in China-Bhutan Boundary Negotiations?

    Introduction  Satellite imagery reveals that China has recently accelerated construction along its border with Bhutan. Underway since 2020, the project includes over 200 structures, with several two-story buildings in six