Vijay Sakhuja

Vijay Sakhuja, Ph.D., is Director (Research) at the Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi.

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    Articles by Vijay Sakhuja

    China’s Strategic Advantage in Nepal

    The ongoing political paralysis in Nepal—caused by the small Himalayan nation's inability to draft a Constitution—coupled with the rise of Maoists as a major political force in Nepal’s mainstream politics

    Chinese Infrastructure Projects Trouble India

    In an apparent attempt to overcome deeply embedded suspicion and concern, the Chinese telecommunication giant, Huawei, has pledged to expand its operations in Bangalore, the ‘Silicon valley’ of India. In

    Combating Terrorism in Asian Waters

    Last year’s devastating attack on Mumbai by operatives of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) was a reminder of the importance of securing the maritime environment against terrorist activities. It was not the first