Militant Leadership Monitor – June 2014 Issue

Militant Leadership Monitor’s June issue begins with briefs on two Syrian militants. Khalid Hayani leads Itihad Liwa’ Shuhada’ Badr against ISIS while Harakat Hazm through Abd Allah ‘Awda may be among the first groups to receive direct military assistance from the United States. Following these is an article by Animesh Roul on Mast Gul’s re-emergence on the Pakistani jihadist scene.Next, John C.K. Daly offers a brief sketch of Khalid Mehsud, the leader of the newest splinter group from the TTP, the TTP-South Waziristan. Muhammad Mansour then offers a glimpse of Shadi al-Manei, a leader of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis who may or may not be dead. Finally, Dario Cristiani updates readers on General Khalifa Haftar of Libya.