About Jamestown’s Terrorism Program

Global Terrorism Analysis is produced by The Jamestown Foundation. Since September 11, 2003, Jamestown has been publishing Terrorism Monitor, a bi-weekly journal providing in-depth, objective analysis on al-Qaeda and the War on Terror. Jamestown has continually expanded on its coverage of terrorism and security issues, utilizing indigenous sources and with attention paid to frequently un-reported or under-reported topics. Spotlight on Terror is our occasional publication with interviews, special features or analysis of breaking news. Terrorism Focus began publication in August 2004 as a bi-weekly complement to Terrorism Monitor, and has since found a niche in providing timely, weekly analysis on events in global terrorism, with extensive translations and assessments of jihad on the web.

About the Analysts for Terrorism Monitor

Ali Zahid

Ali Zahid is a freelance columnist covering Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Nadeem Shah

Nadeem Shah is a journalist, counter-terrorism researcher and author of a research book Saraiki Region: Roots of Radicalization, which exposes militant networks in Saraiki region... MORE

Soumya Awasthi

Soumya Awasthi is an Associate Fellow at Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), New Delhi. Her research interest includes Counter Terrorism, De-radicalization, South Asian strategic studies, Afghanistan,... MORE

Zafar Iqbal Yousafzai

Zafar Iqbal Yousafzai is the author of The Troubled Triangle: US-Pakistan Relations under the Taliban’s Shadow (Routledge, 2021).

Jorma Arvidson

Jorma Arvidson specializes on geopolitics and terrorism in the greater Middle East.

Iftikhar Firdous

Iftikhar Firdous is a former editor and freelance journalist covering terrorism and militancy in South Asia. He is on Twitter at the address: @IftikharFirdous

Nurbek Bekmurzaev

Nurbek Bekmurzaev is an independent researcher and freelance journalist based in Bishkek. He has a graduate degree in International and European Security from the University... MORE

Joseph Brennan

Joseph Brennan is a Program Associate at The Jamestown Foundation.

Jasminder Singh

Jasminder Singh is a Senior Analyst with the International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, a constituent unit of the S. Rajaratnam School of... MORE

Rueben Dass

Rueben Dass is a Research Analyst with the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang... MORE

Daniele Garofalo

Daniele Garofalo is a researcher and analyst of jihadist terrorism. He is also involved in the study, research and analysis of jihadist organizations’ propaganda by... MORE

Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit is a research fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. His research focuses on jihadist militancy... MORE

Riccardo Valle

Riccardo Valle holds a Master's degree in diplomacy and international relations from University of Trieste, Italy, and he is now an independent researcher focused on... MORE

Brenda Githing’u

Brenda Mugeci Githing'u is an independent research consultant and counter-terrorism analyst focused on African terrorist organizations. She holds two bachelor’s degrees majoring in International Relations from... MORE

Jacob Ware

Jacob Ware is the research associate for counterterrorism at the Council on Foreign Relations. Jacob holds an MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University’s Walsh... MORE

Fatemeh Aman

Fatemeh Aman is a non-resident senior fellow at the Middle East Institute. She has written on Iranian, Afghan, and broader Middle Eastern affairs for over... MORE

Peter Kirechu

Peter Kirechu is the former director of the Conflict Finance and Irregular Threats Program at the Center for Advanced and Defense Studies (C4ADS). He is... MORE

Manhal Bareesh

Manhal Bareesh is a Syrian journalist and researcher within the framework of the Wartime and Post-Conflict in Syria project, part of the Middle East Directions... MORE

Jacob Lees Weiss

Jacob Lees Weiss is an analyst specializing in the MENA region at Healix International and HX global. He holds an MA in Contemporary Arabic Studies from... MORE

Rami Jameel

Rami Jameel is a researcher specializes in militant groups in the Middle East and North Africa. He focuses on the political and military conflicts in... MORE

Can Kasapoglu

Dr. Can Kasapoglu is a defense analyst.  Dr. Kasapoglu holds a M.Sci. degree from the Turkish Military Academy and a Ph.D. from the Turkish War College.... MORE

Cameron Evers

Cameron Evers is a Senior Intelligence Analyst for a global risk firm where he advises a Fortune 500 financial company on geopolitical risk. He has... MORE

J. H. Elswood

J.H. Elswood is a Scottish security and intelligence analyst based in London. After obtaining his Masters degree in Global Security and completing a course on... MORE

Syed Fazl-e-Haider

Syed Fazl-e-Haider is a contributing analyst at the South Asia desk of Wikistrat. He is a freelance columnist and the author of several books including... MORE

Jemimah Hudson

Jemimah Hudson is the Senior Analyst and Head of Former Soviet Union Reportingt at Falanx Assynt, based in London, focusing on the Former Soviet Union... MORE

Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton is an independent researcher focused on the Syrian war. He tweets @KyleWOrton.

Bassam Barabandi

Mr. Barabandi is Director of External Relations and Co-Founder of People Demand Change. Born in Damascus City with familial ties to Deir Azzour Province, Syria,... MORE

Ashley Scarfo

Ashley Scarfo is a Senior Intelligence Analyst at a multinational risk management firm who produces bespoke intelligence for clients across a wide variety of industries.... MORE

Andrew Devereux

Andrew Devereux is an Associate Analyst in Counter-Terrorism at Healix International and HX Global, focusing on terrorist incidents, actors and the wider MENA region. He... MORE

Nidal Betare

Prior to co-founding and working as the Managing Director of DC-based People Demand Change, Nidal Betare has held numerous positions working with civil society and... MORE

Peter Sandby-Thomas

Peter Sandby-Thomas is a full-time lecturer in Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and research co-ordinator for the Institute for the Study of... MORE

Meaghan Koudelka

Meaghan Koudelka is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in southern Morocco and is an associate of the Institute for the Study of Counter-Terrorism... MORE

Christian Jokinen

Dr. Christian Jokinen received his doctorate from the Department for Contemporary History at the University of Turku in Finland. He specializes in political violence and... MORE

Sara Brzuszkiewicz

Sara Brzuszkiewicz is Managing Editor of European Eye on Radicalization, PhD student at the University of Sacred Heart (Milan), and researcher at al-Mesbar Studies &... MORE

Dana E Abizaid

Dana E Abizaid has worked for twelve years in Central Asia and Turkey. Currently, he teaches history at the Istanbul International Community School. He is... MORE

Shahaf Rabi

Shahaf Rabi is a researcher at CSTK, specializes in Israeli targeted killings. 

Alessandra Bocchi

Alessandra Bocchi is a freelance journalist based in Italy, focusing on conflict and politics in Libya and Tunisia.

Allan Pilch

Allan Pilch is a Researcher at the Center for the Study of Targeted Killing

Aleksandre Kvakhadze

Aleksandre Kvakhadze is a researcher of Caucasus region and terrorism based at Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) as a research fellow.

Levi J. West

Levi J. West is the Director of Terrorism Studies at the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security, Charles Sturt University, and a PhD candidate... MORE

Nodirbek Soliev

Nodirbek Soliev is a senior analyst at the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research (ICPVTR) of the RSIS-NTU in Singapore.

Alessandro Arduino

Dr. Alessandro Arduino is co-director of the Security & Crisis Management Program at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences – UNITO.

Robert Troy Souza

Robert Troy Souza is a Middle East Research Analyst at the Center for the Study of Targeted Killing. He is also an Assistant Managing Editor for... MORE

Arkadiusz Legieć

Arkadiusz Legieć is a freelance researcher. His area of analysis is the post-Soviet region, terrorism (particularly the phenomenon of foreign fighters) and contemporary politics in... MORE

Ryszard Machnikowski

Ryszard Machnikowski is the vice-dean for research and international affairs of the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lodz, Poland. He... MORE

Omar Kebbe

Omar Kebbe is a Middle East and North Africa Analyst at Navanti Group, a geopolitical risk firm specializing in hard-to-access areas, and graduate of George... MORE

Elizabeth Santoro

Elizabeth Santoro is a Researcher at the Center for the Study of Targeted Killing who is about to receive a degree in Political Science from... MORE

Ariane Tabatabai

Ariane Tabatabai is the Director of Curriculum and an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Security Studies Program at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service... MORE

Nat Guillou

Nat Guillou is a political risk analyst specializing in the Middle East and South Asia with Stirling Assynt.

Lucas Winter

Lucas Winter is an analyst on the Middle East for the Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) at Fort Leavenworth, KS. He has an MA in... MORE

Aris Roussinos

Aris Roussinos is a journalist and analyst with a specific focus on north-eastern Syria.

C. Alexander Ohlers

C. Alexander Ohlers is a former senior analyst for the U.S. Department of State in Baghdad, Iraq, and holds a PhD from the London School... MORE

Hajnalka Vincze

Hajnalka Vincze is a foreign and defense policy analyst in NATO/European issues. A former research fellow at the Hungarian Defense Ministry’s Strategic Research Institute, she... MORE

Rafid Jaboori

Rafid Jaboori is a journalist, writer and researcher. He is a former BBC World Service Reporter. He covered The Iraq War and its aftermath, the... MORE

Neil Hauer

Neil Hauer is Lead Analyst at the SecDev Group in Ottawa, Canada, where he focuses on Syria, Russia and the Caucasus.

Tobias J. Burgers

Tobias J. Burgers is a Doctoral Researcher at the Otto Suhr Institute, Free University Berlin, from which he holds a Master’s in Political Science. His... MORE

Scott N. Romaniuk

Scott N. Romaniuk is a Doctoral Researcher in the School of International Studies, University of Trento. He is the Editor of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in... MORE

Yasir Yosef Kuoti

Yasir Yosef Kuoti is a Middle East Analyst at Navanti Group, where he currently works on Yemen affairs. He lived and traveled extensively throughout the Middle... MORE

Mokhtar Awad

Mokhtar Awad is a Research Fellow in the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. Previously he was a Research Associate at the Center for... MORE

John Arterbury

John Arterbury is a Washington, DC-based security consultant who recently served as a Fellow for Georgetown University’s Global Futures Initiative focusing on international security.

Abdou Cisse

Abdou Cisse is a Senegalese journalist now focusing on jihadism in Senegal and West Africa.

Dario Cristiani

Dario Cristiani is a Senior Fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMFUS) in Washington D.C., working on Italian foreign policy, Mediterranean... MORE

Talat Masood

Lieutenant General Talat Masood is a retired officer of the Pakistan Army and writes on security issues for a variety of national and international newspapers... MORE

Edward Lemon

Edward Lemon is the DMGS-Kennan Institute Fellow, Daniel Morgan Graduate School in Washington DC. His research examines security, Islam, migration and politics in Tajikistan and... MORE

Göktuğ Sönmez

Göktuğ Sönmez received his PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London and is a visiting researcher at the Center for Middle... MORE