Latest Articles about Xinjiang

Special Issue: Sino-Indian Relations

As Editor I have the pleasure of introducing our special issue on Sino-Indian Relations. The issue brings together a number of top China-watchers to examine the current security situation between the two countries. The world’s two largest countries face each other across a long, complex... MORE

China and India’s Border Infrastructure Race

In July, China reportedly crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the de facto border between India and China, at Barahoti in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand on at least two separate occasions. In addition to Chinese aircraft carrying out reconnaissance sorties in the area,... MORE

Creeping Islamophobia: China’s Hui Muslims in the Firing Line

At the recently convened Central Religious Work Conference Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of fusing religious doctrines with Chinese culture and preventing the interference of religion in government affairs and education (Xinhua, April 23). These comments were directed, at least partially, at the... MORE

China’s Counter-Terrorism Calculus

China’s growing global footprint, escalating conflicts and the spread of terrorism in theaters ranging from Syria to Afghanistan and Southeast Asia have created openings for non-state actors to target Chinese interests and citizens overseas. Traditionally, militant groups within China arose from independence movements with ethnically-linked... MORE

New Law Reshapes Chinese Counterterrorism Policy and Operations

On December 27, the National People’s Congress approved China’s new Counterterrorism Law, establishing a legal basis for counterterrorism operations and the authorities delegated to the security services for that mission (Xinhua, December 27, 2015). Earlier drafts of the law sparked international controversy after Beijing claimed... MORE

China’s Emerging “Af-Pak” Dilemma

The Chinese Ministry Foreign Affairs recently dispatched Deng Xijun, an experienced Asia-policy trouble-shooter, to Afghanistan as China’s special envoy (MFA, November 12). Mr. Deng met with Afghan political and military leaders, where he reemphasized China’s commitment to the peace and stability of Afghanistan. This meeting... MORE