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What Do Ukrainians Really Think Of Yanukovych?

Members of the pro-Leonid Kuchma camp continue to project an outward appearance of optimism surrounding their candidate, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, and his chances of winning this year's elections. In particular, they believe that two factors will work in their favor. First, Yanukovych draws considerable... MORE

Pro-kuchma Parties Compete For Rural Vote

The Peasant Party of Ukraine (SelPU) held its congress on July 16-17 and changed from an opposition party to one controlled by the pro-Leonid Kuchma camp. Its new leader, Tetiana Zasukha, is a close personal friend of Ukraine's first lady, Ludmilla Kuchma. Zasukha and her... MORE

Belarus Prepares For Lukashenka’s Third Term

On July 21, OMON troops attacked and clubbed demonstrators around Yakub Kolas Square on Skaryna Avenue in Minsk who were protesting the president's ten years in power and likely referendum to run for a third term. The protest action was organized by several opposition groups,... MORE

Linguistic Corruption Clouds Political Negotiations On Trans-dniester

On July 21, Moldova walked out of the "five-sided" negotiations on settling the Trans-Dniester conflict. That format practically excludes the West. On July 22-23, on President Vladimir Voronin's instructions, Moldovan officials called for consultations in a new format, with full-fledged Western participation including that of... MORE

Ukraine’s Multi-vector Energy Policy

On July 5 the Ukrainian government reversed a February 4, 2004, decision on which countries would supply oil to the Odessa-Brody pipeline. In February the decision had been made to transport Azerbaijani (and perhaps Kazakhstani) oil in a south-north direction from Odessa to Brody. The... MORE

Last Moldovan Schools Under Threat In Trans-dniester

Trans-Dniester's Russian-installed authorities -- chosen partners of the U.S. State Department and OSCE in the project to "federalize" Moldova -- seem bent on enforcing a complete prohibition on Latin script in the territory under their control. Moldovans form a plurality of the total population and... MORE

Former Party-of-power Divided Over Supporting Yanukovych

Two leading Ukrainian political parties convened national congresses in early July to select which candidate to support in Ukraine's October 31 presidential elections. Surprisingly, both parties swung away from President Leonid Kuchma's designed successor, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, and put forward rival candidates. Should Yanukovych... MORE

A Decade Of Kuchma: Success Or Degredation?

Ten years ago this month, Leonid Kuchma defeated the incumbent, Leonid Kravchuk, in the second round of Ukraine's second presidential election. Kravchuk had won in the first round of the December 1991 first presidential election, which coincided with the referendum on state independence. This week... MORE

Is A Free Election Possible In Ukraine?

The answer to this question, based on recent and ongoing developments in Ukraine, is "no." Opinion polls taken in Ukraine have consistently shown that two-thirds to three-quarters of Ukrainians do not believe this year's elections will be free and fair. Even President Leonid Kuchma has... MORE