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Medvedev Reforming a Military in Crisis

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, having recently reaffirmed his support for the military reform and modernization program, has declared that the country's economic challenges will not derail this process. Several factors have now emerged as key to this reform agenda, focussing on increasing the combat readiness... MORE

Russian Gas Offensive Tests EU Energy Plans

The intensity of energy-political conflicts in Europe has been subsiding since the Russian-Ukrainian "gas war" in January, but last week Moscow launched a new offensive aiming at three crucial targets: Turkey, Turkmenistan and Ukraine. Leaders of major European states paid scant attention, focusing instead on... MORE

Russia’s Defense Modernization Without a Doctrine

President Dmitry Medvedev chaired a Security Council meeting this week in the Kremlin, with Russia's de facto ruler, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, present, to consider a specific publicly stated agenda: the approval of the draft text of a new "National Security Strategy of the Russian... MORE

Alternative Gas Suppliers Face Overproduction in Russia

Russia's independent natural gas producers (IGPs) account for a growing share of domestic output, but they are now facing turbulent times amid the global financial crisis and the subsequent domestic economic downturn, as well as problems with sales and gas transit. The role of independent... MORE