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Russia Prepares a New Draft Security Strategy Through 2020

Russia’s Security Council (SC) recently prepared a draft national security strategy until 2020. President Dmitry Medvedev ordered a new security strategy in June 2008, and it has been discussed among all Russia’s regions. The new strategy plans improvements to the political system, optimization of state... MORE

Russia’s Slow Start into a Post-Prosperity Year

The extra-long Christmas-New  Year-Rozhdestvo (Orthodox Christmas) celebrations in Russia have been muted this season, and unmistakable anxiety stands in stark contrast to the exuberance that greeted the arrival of the year 2008. Just two weeks before that “best-year-ever start,” President Vladimir Putin had announced the... MORE

Gazprom Stops Gas Deliveries to Ukraine—What Next?

On the morning of January 1, OAO Gazprom, the Russian state-owned gas monopoly, in league with the Russian government, decreased the volume of gas shipped to Ukraine by 90 million cubic meters a day—the amount that Ukraine had contracted for in 2008. Gas shipments of... MORE

Russia to OSCE: Recognize South Ossetia or Get Out

Russia is threatening to run the OSCE out of South Ossetia at the end of the year. Moscow will only relent if the OSCE recognizes the Russian-installed authorities as legitimate and treats Russian-occupied South Ossetia as an essentially sovereign state.The OSCE has maintained a monitoring... MORE

The Kremlin Defends Its Energy Interests

Russia moved to support the 2 million barrel a day cut in oil production by OPEC by reducing its own oil exports. The country's oil companies and energy projects appear, however, to be facing an uncertain future amid continued volatility in global energy prices.Russia dispatched... MORE

A Military Reform That Does Not Seem to Satisfy Anyone

Last October Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov revealed drastic plans to reform and cut the Russian military (see EDM, October 16). Since then, defense experts, the public, and thousands of officers in active service who maybe forcibly retired at short notice have been seeking clarification of... MORE

The Price of Gas and Russian Democracy

Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom is preparing for a major financial hit in 2009. The world-wide economic slowdown has diminished gas consumption for Gazprom’s European industrial customers. The price of gas, which is indexed to the price of oil, has been dropping from the current... MORE