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A ‘Revolution’ in Military Recruitment for Russia

On April 11, the Russian parliament passed a draft law that can be considered a “revolution” in the way Moscow conducts recruitment for the Russian Armed Forces (, April 11). This measure was passed even before the other draft law on increasing the age of... MORE

Moscow Wants Russian Society to Pay for War in Ukraine (Part One)

Despite the Russian ruling elite’s optimism about the Russian economy “stepping into a positive trajectory of growth” (RIA Novosti, February 28), the real state of affairs in economic development may not be as bright as the Russian authorities portray. Despite propaganda, Russia`s economic troubles—caused by... MORE

Russia’s Ongoing Impact in Latin America

Russia’s war against Ukraine has diverted observers’ attention away from its policies in Latin America. While the blockade of the Black Sea and ensuing weaponization of both Russian and Ukrainian exports has triggered significant attention to, in and around great-power rivalries in Africa, nothing of... MORE

Potential for Conflict Growing in Russian Society

While, according to sociological data, approval for the war against Ukraine in Russian society remains at 70 percent (, February 27), and the Russian elite seemingly demonstrate loyalty in support of the “supreme commander,” ever-more signs indicate a serious lack of unity among both the... MORE

China Unveils ‘Grandiose Plan’ for Central Asia

In the three decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation and China have pursued divergent interests in post-Soviet Central Asia, as Moscow seeks to retain its influence even as Beijing’s “soft power” grows, underpinned by its dynamic economy. In a recent... MORE