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Cossacks Plan for February Meeting

Executive Summary: The upcoming “Big Circle” (Bol’shoi Krug) meeting of Russia’s Cossack movement highlights their growing significance in Kremlin planning and national affairs, akin to the involvement of similar groups in Soviet-era politics. The meeting aims to unify the Cossacks around President Putin and discuss... MORE

Russian Rhetoric Toward Central Asia Grows Increasingly Hostile

Executive Summary: Russia’s rhetoric toward Central Asian countries, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan, has become increasingly hostile since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.  The rhetoric from Russia includes threats of invasion and annexation, reminiscent of the language used toward Ukraine before... MORE

Russia is Breeding for War Through Youth (Para-)Militarization

Executive Summary: Russia is investing significantly in militarizing children and youth, allocating substantial funds for patriotic education programs, youth movements, and competitions. Military service is glorified across all levels of education in changes to the national curriculum emphasizing the defense of the homeland and preparing... MORE

Russia Seeks to Strengthen Political Ties with Latin America in Struggle for Influence in Global South (Part One)

Executive Summary: The Kremlin is trying to strengthen ties with Latin American countries amidst political-economic isolation after the invasion of Ukraine.  Russia hosted an inter-parliamentary conference with Latin American delegates to confront Western sanctions and strengthen the Global South. Proposed collaboration areas included legislative exchange,... MORE

Russian Economy Feels Bite of Attrition

Executive Summary: Russia’s economy benefited from increased military expenditures, but industrial production is stagnating as growth limits. Heavy prioritization of the defense industry is causing contractions in other sectors like consumer goods production. The Russian energy sector suffers from declining revenues, delayed projects, and challenges... MORE

Cossacks Plan More Military Aggrandizement

Executive Summary: A resurgence of Cossack militarism is occurring in Russia, evidenced through proposed legislation to the State Duma to establish a reserve army. Cossack leaders announce plans for new volunteer battalions and professional special forces units, leveraging experienced fighters from the ongoing conflict and... MORE