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Al-Qaeda’s Military Chief in Afghanistan Views the Ongoing Insurgency with Optimism

Pakistan’s GEO News TV correspondent Najeeb Ahmed interviewed al-Qaeda’s operations commander in Afghanistan, Mustafa Abu-al-Yazid (a.k.a. Shaykh Sa’id), at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan on July 21. Abu-Yazid’s performance was a strongly confident one, notable for its contrast with the grim presentation he made in... MORE

The Pakistan Frontier Corps in the War on Terrorism – Part One

Pakistan’s first line of defense against insurgent forces in its loosely-ruled western frontier region is not Pakistan’s regular army, but a long-neglected, locally raised paramilitary. A remnant of the British colonial era, the paramilitary Frontier Corps (FC) has been maintained and stationed in Pakistan’s North... MORE

Fueling the Taliban: Poppies, Guns and Insurgents

Afghanistan has rarely been absent recently from the international press, but developments in the country have once more brought it to the world’s attention. According to tallies based on military statements, June was the second month in a row in which casualties of foreign troops... MORE


Russia’s assessment of NATO’s operations in Afghanistan, as well as the future nature of the alliance’s mission there, has been mooted within Russian diplomatic circles. These observations, shared with the alliance through official channels, point to genuine concern within Russia’s government and its military and... MORE

Rumors of al-Qaeda’s Death May Be Highly Exaggerated

Whether said about the aging process or the implacable approach of writing deadlines, the old saw about “time flying” is certainly true. But seldom has it been truer than in the three weeks since this author last wrote for Terrorism Focus. At dawn on May... MORE

Khyber Tribal Agency: A New Hub of Islamist Militancy in Pakistan

Pakistan’s tribal belt has been the center of global attention for several years because of widespread speculation regarding the presence of al-Qaeda fugitives and Taliban leaders. Since the start of military operations in late 2003, violence and bloodshed has become a routine matter, particularly in... MORE